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Mobiflirt - the fun way to meet your date!

Mobiflirt is a world-wide sensation with over half a million users to date, on 5 continents, and over 1 million SMS messages sent every month. Mobiflirt is actively promoted by mobile providers and media partners in over 17 countries.

Mobiflirt is a game based on a popular American TV show called the Love Connection, a show where participants were asked four flirtatious questions by a flirter sitting behind a blind screen. The participant that garnered the highest number of correct answers had the chance to meet the flirter face to face and then go on a date. In the updated mobile version offered here, the player with most points has the opportunity to have an SMS “chat-date” directly and anonymously with the flirt initiator.

Consistent Revenue

Mobiflirt has been a consistent revenue generator for its partners since its inception in 1999 with an ARPU as high as $52. It's offered over SMS, which is the widest and most commonly used mobile platform available to users. The SMS platform also lends itself well to the game concept as each question sent is answered by an SMS reply. In addition to the participating in the game itself, users are occasionally sent invitations to join a Mobiflirt session. The number of invitations they receive depends on how frequently they use the service.

Tried and Tested

Mobiflirt is a tried, tested product that generates steady and predictable revenue, and encourages the mobile community to interact in a fun way. Our partners can benefit by adding this service to their suite and quickly reap the benefits of a new revenue stream, and increased mobile community participation. Implementation is simple and can be done quickly.


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